Hunger Games Personality Quiz

Which Hunger Games character are you most like?

Hunger Games Personality Quiz

Which Hunger Games Personality are you most like? Let us know in the comments!

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56 thoughts on “Hunger Games Personality Quiz

  1. ok first of all no one is as big as a hungergames fan as me i have saw the movie and read the books so many times i lost track a long time ago and in my friends own words kelsey knows everything about the hungergames she knows their name their age how they died who was in the back ground when they died how the movie was different from the book who killed who and what they were holding when they died and i got 100% on all the quizzes

    • plus my room is hungergames themed i had a hungergames themed birthday party and i have 6 mockingjay pins and lots more hunger games stuff

  2. Maybe I over did it but I really like peeta and when my friend like Justin bieber she became mrs.bieber and I was just fan… Made me sad so that is why peeta is mine

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